Morrisseau Family Foundation


  • Victoria Kakegamic
  • David Morrisseau
  • Pierre Morrissea
  • Michael Morrisseau
  • Eugene Morrisseau
  • Christian Morrisseau
  • Lisa Morrisseau
Morrisseau Family Foundation
Norval Morrisseau Portrait
Portrait of Norval Morrisseau by Steven Snake
oil/canvas - 30"/40" - 2008

The Morrisseau Family Foundation will preserve our father's artistic legacy and will insure that unauthorized persons, galleries, or institutions may not lay claim to Norval Morrisseau's name, image, or artistic legacy.

The Morrisseau Family Foundation has formed to represent and control all aspects of our father's and the family's traditional and legal rights.

Since the early 1960's despite extensive travel necessary to his work and life as a shaman and artist, Norval Morrisseau always returned to his family and his home centred in Sandy Lake, Red Lake and the Keewaywin Reserve in Northern Ontario. Throughout his life and career as an artist his work centred in the myth of the Ojibwe in Northern Ontario. It is the same spiritual direction held by his children. After his death in 2007 Norval Morrisseau was laid to rest next to his wife Harriet Kakegamic at Keewaywin Reserve.

Norval Morrisseau's legacy now belongs to the Native People of Canada and, specifically, to his seven children. His contribution to Native art and hence to Canadian art cannot be underestimated. He was the first Native Artist inducted into The Order of Canada. He was the founder of The Woodland School of Art that has inspired hundreds of native and non-native artists. He was the first Canadian Native to be afforded a one-man-exhibition that travelled through Canada and the United States through the auspices of the National Gallery of Canada. He has been honoured by the Governor General of Canada, The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean at Rideau Hall in Ottawa - his images have become symbols of great concern for our habitat. Morrisseau may well be one of the most important artists Canada has ever produced. Drawing from the mythology of the Ojibwe and the Canadian people an original voice and a new direction.
Join us in protecting and preserving Norval Morrisseau's art legacy.

Keewaywin, 2008
Victoria Kakegamic